Connector Playmat Quilt Kit

Manufacturer: Northcott

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What little boy or girl for that matter wouldn't love to have one of these quilts where they could run their little cars and trucks all over the roads and go from one end of the quilt to the other. Northcott has designed "Connector Playmats" that has several panels that work together for this project. Sew all 3 panels together and add 2 borders. Ta da! A twin size quilt is made. Quilt a simple stipple design on it and your little one will thank you! I made this one for my grandson! Free pattern (Busy Town) is included in this kit plus the binding. You will need an additional 5 3/4 yards of 44" fabric for the backing. May we suggest a grey toscana.


Project Size: 67" x 96"

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

Categories: Kits, Twin

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