Wondrous Cross

Monday Evening March 19, 4:30 - 7:30 PM

In keeping with the upcoming Easter season, what better symbol to create than the Wondrous Cross? For your church or home, this is a lovely 24″ x 36″ wall hanging. Kits are available.

Supply List:

The Wondrous Cross Pattern and fabric for Cross B as listed on the back of the pattern, or  You may purchase the store kit, which includes everything you will need with the exception of the batting.

Ruler – smaller one works best for marking and trimming

Rotary cutter and board

Fabric marking pen

Prior to Class:

1. Complete the cuts and sub-cuts on page 6 of your pattern for Cross B, noting the following changes, if you purchased the store kit:  The light purple and dark purple fabrics are obvious. However, the medium purple fabric has been substituted for the Dark Green:  (Corner Unit), as listed in the pattern cuts on page 6.  The cuts and sub-cuts remain the same.  You will also note that there are (2) 1/3 yard cuts of the dark purple.  Reserve (1) of the cuts for the binding.

2. Note: It is very easy to get the various lengths of the sub-cuts confused and out of order. It will help you greatly if you keep the sub-cuts separated by placing them in plastic bags and labeling the bags as you proceed with your cutting.


Level: Advanced Beginnner

Teacher: Shirley Hohenstein

Fee: $20.00 + Supplies

Call our store at 540-421-3309 for more information and registration.